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You think about a permanent hair removal on your head?

You want to be bald forever and you dont like the daily shave- process on your scalp and you would like to keep it smooth and shiny without do anything? You have to stay long time at the Bathroom and you cant use your lost time for do nicer things? Luck for some people with natural hairloss! The Problem to get rid of your hairs are vanish by itself, at least on the top of your head. But there excist some People that like this pattern baldness as “MPB”. Here at Germany just an classic “old guys hairstyle”. This daily shave-process waste your time and you need to repeat this procedure every day, because the stubbles comes back in less than a single day! This can be irritate your scalp with redness, tiny zits and spots and ingrown hairs at some people. And after a fresh shave, you see still an gray shade on your skin. And after a longer time, the costs for buying razor-blades and Foam will can be higher than the costs on an Laser-Treatment. The only way to bypass it at your future is an permanent hairremoval by an laser in an certificied beauty- salon or an dermamedical centre for skin-treatments. Lasering works only with the power of light-absorption. The treatmentet area gets radiated by the Laser and the dark hairs will absorb the energy that gets emitted. The darker the better the effect. Lasering works only at dark hairs on light skin. People with gray/white/red or blond hairs cannot get lasered. His hairs contents not enough melanine to absorb the energy and kill the follicle by heating up the root. Unfortunely, at the 21. th century there is still now way to remove hairs instantly and permanent. To get your end-result, there are more treatments needed in 4 to 8 weeks intervalls for remove your hair. Because of the disadvantages of the shaving I have decided for a permanent hair removal on the head.
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